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Robbery accused turned prosecution star witness, Rabindranuth Seemangal,Wholesale Jerseys China, is scheduled to take the stand today to testify against four of his alleged accomplices with whom he was jointly accused of stealing over $ 7 million from city businessman Malcolm Panday.Seemangal, Jermaine Mitchell, Hardat Kumar, Chandrada Rampersaud, Rayon Jones and Aubrey Simon were initially charged for the July 2011 robbery.Seemangal however decided to testify on behalf of the prosecution after he pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to eight years in prison.Yesterday, Shelita Lall,NHL Jerseys Authentic, entered the witness box to testify against four of the accused.In her sworn testimony,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, Lall said that she has been employed by the businessman as a secretary and domestic supervisor for the past six years. The witness said that she recalled the day that the residence in which she works and lives, Lot 35 Bel Air Gardens, was robbed.Lall said that she reported for duty as usual on the said day.“A phone call came through for Mr. Panday around 11:30 hours so I went to get Mr Panday. As I was walking over where Mr Panday was standing, I noticed that a short Indian man and a tall negro guy (whom she later pointed out to be Jermaine Mitchell) had entered the yard.“I kept looking at them and told the caller to hold and placed the phone in a chair and went to find out what is it that they wanted.”Lall further noted, that the persons who entered the yard were strangers and it was unusual for them to have strangers come into the yard.“I went to find out what they wanted before they got further into the yard” she said.Lall was responding to questions from lead prosecutor Glenn Hanoman.According to the witness the “tall negro guy” hit her on the head with his gun before she could ask any questions.|”I screamed and fell to the ground.”The woman said that she screamed because she was fearful for her life and thought that “the stranger” was going to shoot her.“He scrambled me at the back of my shirt forcefully and told me if I make another f**king sound he will blow my head off.”Lall said that the bandit entered the house through an opened window,Cheap Jerseys USA, dragging her behind him. The witness told the court that once inside the house, the man enquired about the money. When no one responded he became aggressive,Authentic Adidas Hockey Jerseys China, using explicit language and pointed the gun at members of the domestic staff, Ms Annie Ramsood and her two children, promising to kill everyone starting with the two children.“The Indian man, who had accompanied him she said, helped to put duct tape on the hands of the hostages.”“Ms Ramsood then replied don’t hurt my children or anyone; I will give you all the money.”The intruder with the gun pulled up Ramsood roughly; they left the room and went to the back of the house, the witness said.The witness told the court that the Indian guy (Rabindranauth Seemangal) remained in the room with the other persons whom he told not to be afraid of him because he is not a criminal, that it is the other guy who went with the lady to the back of the house who was the criminal. He added that he hoped he don’t shoot her.Just then Defense counsel, Omeyana Hamilton,Wholesale Jerseys China, rose to object to what the witness was saying as it related to Seemangal since it can be seen as “character vouching” on his behalf.The lawyer noted that the witness did not include this information in her original statement.Hamilton then requested an adjournment in the case to better prepare for the prosecution’s next witness (Seemangal)’s testimony. Her request was granted by Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry who is hearing the case.

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