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Marking 31 years of entertaining Guyana’s audiences, Link Show 31 will commence on February 20 at the National Cultural Centre.The Link Show made its debut showcase to the Guyanese people in November 1981, moving to the February time slot in 1985. The show has since been a national tradition, synonymous with the Mashramani season,Cheap Carolina Panthers Jerseys, which is in keeping with Link Show’s dramatic satire.Over the years, it has attracted large audiences – being the country’s longest running and most popular stage production. It has also done several overseas tours to the heavy presence of the Guyanese diaspora.As elections approach,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, the public can expect what is touted as “an election link” with a lot of predictions on the outcome.Patrons can expect to see performances from notable Guyanese actors like Henry Rodney, Rajan Tiwari, Mark Luke-Edwards, Randolph Critchlow,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Mark Kazim, Paul Budnah, Sean Budnah, Michael Ignatius and Simone Dowding among others. This year’s production is directed by Ron Robinson and produced by Gem Madhoo-Nascimento and is presented by The Theatre Company and GEMS Theatre Productions.The yearly satirical production will be held on February 20, 21, 27,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, 28 and March 1. Repeated shows are not guaranteed,China NBA Jerseys, so interested patrons are advised by organsiers to get their tickets and secure their seats as soon as possible.The public will be able to purchase tickets at The National Cultural Centre, Nigels Supermarket, Giftland Officemax and Ashmins Trading at a price of $2500,China Jerseys Wholesale, $2000 and $1500.

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