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The driver who was responsible for the death of teen biker, Travis Bollers, in a hit and run accident was yesterday served with a two year and nine-month sentence when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan,Cheap China Jerseys, yesterday.Delon Duncan, clad in a cream polo shirt and white trousers,jerseys nfl wholesale, stood alone in the prisoner’s dock when he expressed his apology to the family of the deceased and also to ask for the court’s leniency.It is alleged that the 34-year- old of lot 982 Block ‘F’ Sophia,Cheap NFL Jerseys, on November 26, last year, at Pike and Sheriff Streets, drove pick-up GHH 5201 in a manner dangerous to the public,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, thereby causing the death of 17-year-old Bollers.Duncan was also found guilty on the charge of failing to stop after the accident, for failing to render assistance to the injured teen by taking him to a medical professional and for failing to report the accident to the police within 24 hours.The prosecution said that at 23:55 hours Bollers, who had the ‘right of way’ was riding a motorcycle with his cousin Quacy McCalmon, when Duncan crashed into them. The post mortem revealed that the cause of death was a crushed injury to the head.Witnesses who testified were Shonnett Brown, Nigel Edghill and Quacy McCalmon. Both Brown and Edghill testified that they saw Duncan come out of his car and look at the victim and drive away. It was also noted that Shonnett Brown positively identified Duncan in an ID parade, as the driver who drove the car.Prosecutors said that Duncan’s confession in an oral statement allowed them to secure a more solid conviction. According to evidence Duncan whilst in police custody under caution, said that when he turned on Pike Street, he saw the deceased lying on the road and he panicked and drove away.According to Jones,Cheap Jerseys From China, the vehicle that was being driven when the accident occurred was recovered in a shop at Sophia, where repairs were being done. Through investigations it was found that the left side of his vehicle was damaged. This also proved to be vital breakthrough in the case. Finally the prosecution concluded that the photographs taken at the crime scene corresponded with the evidence given by the witnesses. The Magistrate then considered his time spent in prison before sentencing him.Following the teen’s death, his brother,Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jersey, Eon Bollers, had launched a Facebook campaign to find the driver of the pick-up, who had fled the scene. His family also staged a protest at Square of the Revolution to press authorities to bring the man to justice.

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